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Anderson East (+ Jillian Andrews here in the album version: http://youtu.be/U0mkIv-fnbM_

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"Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness."

Brené Brown

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"Well, it looks like the main employees of the Federal Reserve have been given the orders to support another war. How dare the Syrians refuse a Rothschild family owned private central bank in their country!? Don’t they know anything? They could have had all the peace and weaponry they wanted, so long as they put their country in perpetual debt to the money changers. Maybe a little democracy will help change their minds."

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"Go all the way with it. Do not back off. For once, go all the goddamn way with what matters."

Ernest Hemingway via the always brilliant & inspiring Jeanette Leblanc

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Jeanette LeBlanc - Blessed Be

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My birthday is really close to New Year’s so like, a year is a year is a year for me. I turned 29 this January, which some of you older broads and learned types may know to be the time in which Saturn returns. Which basically means that something fucking crazy happens to everything about you when…

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"At times I almost dream
I too have spent a life the sages’ way,
And tread once more familiar paths. Perchance
I perished in an arrogant self-reliance
Ages ago; and in that act a prayer
For one more chance went up so earnest, so
Instinct with better light let in by death,
That life was blotted out — not so completely
But scattered wrecks enough of it remain,
Dim memories, as now, when once more seems
The goal in sight again."

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Canada & Montana

By Dangerous…Dan

(via nanalew)

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i’m nine years old
mom drops me off at your house after school and
we can’t afford barbies so
we’re rollin on the wood chip mountain
your father shaved the beards off trees between tv
and the whiskey bottle your mom takes sips
pacified and doesn’t come find us for hours
and never asks us what we want for lunch
or shame us and i don’t think much of it except
we’re still hiding below an awning and
i’m not afraid of spiders
your body is a mirror as it slides onto mine
one of us disappears
on top of this mountain and i go looking for you,
you always welcome me home
imagining i’m wearing a tailored suit
and man’s musk
i’ve had a long day’s work
and baby
your vulnerable lips
weaken and flutter on my mouth
a feather
starts a war between our bodies
chips roll to our sides and out again
waves like the sea
i beat on your shores and high tide returning
you find me

-Kristy Renee Behrs

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Good Morning Bruises


None of your lovers are going to attend your funeral.
You spent too much time writing poetry about them,
and not enough kissing their black and blue stomachs
good morning. As they pinched the fat on their stomachs,
you compared their eyes to oceans that you’d never bathed
in. While they were lost inside of their own skeletons, you
spit out sonnets on the pillow. Remember this, you and I
will both die in the end, and none of this is going to matter.
Love better than you write.

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Love Poem for What It Is

There’s nothing in the world that loves you
more than the space you already take up.
There’s nothing in the world that won’t
forget you faster than you forgot
the last person that stepped out from your life.
When the cat reaches up
one needled paw to drag down a book
from your desk, then another,
that’s not love—that’s dominance.
When you reach up your hand and try to wheedle
someone else’s to hold it, that’s love
dominating you. There’s no word for loving more
than you should, just the feeling of excess,
as if your tongue burst in a rash of red sequins,
as if everyone can see your stutter in the air,
staccato love you, love you, and nothing in the world
standing in that space to receive it.

-Rebecca Hazelton

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Leaving nothing and nothing ahead;
when you stop for the evening
the sky will be in ruins,
when you hear late birds

with tired throats singing
think how good it is that they,
knowing you were coming,
stayed up late to greet you

who travels between places
when the late afternoon
drifts into the woods, when
nothing matters specially.


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